There is plenty for kids to do at Urban Dive Centre. From Scuba lessons to incredibly fun Scuba or Mermaid Kid's Birthday Parties!

Make your Birthday a Real Splash!!!

Have a Scuba Diving Birthday Party or a Super Mermaid Birthday Party and have private use of our outdoor solar heated pool and tropical facilities. We will provide you with an experience that your kids will enjoy and never forget.

Which Party would you like?

Scuba Diving Party
Mermaid Party


Minimum 6 - Maximum 20 kids per party

  • Kids 8 years or older we do full scuba (descend underwater)
  • Kids 7-8 years we do surface scuba (scuba around the surface)
  • Party durations are 3 hours
  • Time slots 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm
  • Parties can be held any day of the week/weekend

Kids under 7 years welcome (non-scuba) but they get to snorkel, swim and enjoy the party just as much (under 3yrs no charge unless party packs etc required)


  • Exclusive facility use
  • Outdoor Solar heated dive pool
  • Invitations (emailed to you)
  • Qualified Instructor to host Scuba Diving
  • Qualified Dive Masters to facilitate Scuba in the pool
  • Scuba equipment (masks, snorkels, fins, regulators & BCD's)
  • Underwater Frisbee and missile games.
  • Music DVD for the birthday boy/girl of party & underwater photographs
  • Catering for the kids (hotdogs, cooldrink, crisps, a variety of sweets)
  • Party packs (1lt colour bucket, novelty cooldrink, crisps, fizzer, sucker, sherbet & toy)
  • Tea & coffee for the adults, cutlery, crockery, glasses etc. provided.
  • Basketball hoop
  • Trampoline
  • Soccer Nets
  • Timberland playground


  • Birthday cake ( Please bring your own one)
  • Catering for adults (Please bring your own snacks, drinks and etc. for the parents)

Book Your Party!

Padi Seals

How can my kid become a PADI Seal Member?

We have split the programme into 3 Sessions which will take place over 3 days.

Your child will then do 5 Aqua Missions under the supervision of our trained PADI instructors, including underwater breathing and swimming, hand signals and much, much more to keep them entertained both while having fun and learning how to respect the underwater world.

Once your child has completed all 5 Aqua Missions he/she will then be a fully qualified official PADI Seal Team member and receive his/her PADI Seal Team membership card.

The fun isn’t over yet though, PADI offers another 10 speciality Aqua Missions for qualified PADI Seal Team members at an additional fee per Aqua Mission.

Specialities include:

  • Creature ID Specialist
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Inner Space Specialist,
  • Navigation Specialist
  • Night Specialist
  • Safety Specialist
  • Search and Recovery Specialist
  • Skin Diver Specialist
  • Snapshot Specialist
  • Wreck Specialist.

Complete them all and become a PADI Master Seal Team member!